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    Tuesday, August 8, 2017   /   by Mark Myers

    Prepare Your Home for Sale: House Interior

                    Ask someone to walk through your home, a friend, a family member or your agent and see if they can give you suggestions on what they would look for as a "potential buyer". How do they feel about your home? Does anything need updating? Cleaning? Listen to their answer and go back and fix some of that stuff up. 

    1. The Foyer, Front Hall or Entry Way

    You want to make sure that when the prospect opens those doors that their attention is grabbed by the features presented in front of the and for the better. If your entry way is made remarkable by a great floor make sure their attention is more focused towards that. If the floor requires a shine or luster, maintain it. Staircases are the most interesting features of an entry. Paint worn spots on stairs, clean the carpet, polish or wax woods and metals. Make sure any annoying squeaks on the stairs are taken care of.

    2. Living Room

    You want to impress with ...

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